Houston DWI lawyer helps you survive a drunk driving charge

A drunk driving charge in Texas is a very serious matter. If you are charged with either a DUI or DWI offense, the penalties can be severe; moreover, a conviction will go on your record and can prevent you from obtaining employment or housing, and can result in much higher insurance costs. You can even lose your driving privileges. If you are charged, your first phone call should be to a Houston DWI lawyer.

Texas Implied Consent Law
While police are not allowed to stop drivers arbitrarily, if they have reasonable suspicion that you are driving in an impaired state they can and will detain you. State law deems that by obtaining a Texas driver’s license you consent to submitting to a chemical BAC test if detained by law enforcement (Texas Transportation Code, section 724.011). Refusing this test is against the law, and can result in suspension of your driving privileges for up to two years. If you feel that the nature of the stop was improper, submit to the test anyway, and then contact a Houston DWI lawyer.

DUI and DWI Distinguished
In Texas DUI relates solely to minors. This is a zero-tolerance state for individuals who are underage, which means that a minor who tests positive for any amount of alcohol may be cited or even arrested for driving under the influence. Just being charged with DUI results in automatic suspension of the minor’s driver’s license; a conviction will prolong the suspension.

Driving while intoxicated is the charge given to adult drivers whose BAC tests at .08 or above. This is a much more serious offense, a conviction for which can lead to a jail term of up to six months on first offense. Penalties for further convictions are significantly higher; in fact, a third conviction can lead to a 10-year term in state prison (Tex. Pen. Code 49.04, 49.09). This should give pause to anyone with prior convictions.

We Can Help
The state’s high drunk driving rates have caused legislators to enact these tough laws. Indeed, the Texas Department of Transportation reports that this state ranks highest of all in fatal accidents. This means that you are not likely to have a sympathetic judge or jury if you are facing DWI charges. There is good news, however: Houston DWI lawyer may be able to help.

We will thoroughly review your case to determine whether your detainment was lawful, and the field testing performed appropriately. Each DWI case is unique, and will need to be handled accordingly. Even if the evidence is overwhelming against you, however, in some instances we may be able to convince the court to allow an alternative to jail time, such as a diversion program.

If you are charged with either a DUI or DWI, it is imperative that you have a Houston DWI lawyer in your corner.

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